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Maggie Litter 4

November 24, 2020 - Maggie came into heat for us on Thanksgiving. Good timing?? Well, we were excited!! She was bred to Teddy on December 3rd.

December 30. 2022 - Maggie had her appointment at the reproduction vet to confirm her pregnancy. The ultrasound showed 7 pups and possibly an 8th. this is not a guarantee so we shall see. So far this vet has been on the money so we're feeling hoopeful. Her due date is February 2nd +/- a day. Can't wait to snuggle those little puppies!!

How about that walk, Mom!! Maggie is giving me the 'stink eye'. This was just after our 5 hours in the car to get her ultra sound. We go to a reproduction vet outside of Lancaster, PA. She thought I was going to take her for a walk at her favorite spot. Sorry, Mags!


January 26th, 2022 - Maggie is progressing and I think she is probably ready to move on and get those pups out of her belly. I can feel them and they are very active. You can even see her belly moving. Tomorrow we go to the Reproduction vet for an x-ray to confirm how many are in there and to see if everything is looking normal. Later in the afternoon we have an appointment with our local vet who will be on stand by in the event we have an issue during whelping.

Maggie's whelping area is all set up. Her whelping box is tented for privacy. I will remove the cover during whelping because I will need to see what is going on but after the pups are here I will put it back as she seems to feel more secure in a little cave. Most of our small living room is fenced off from the other dogs. They could possibly hurt or kill the pups.  Maggie will also not want them near them. That sofa will be where I will be sleeping for the first three plus weeks. 

Maggie got her pre-whelping groom complete with a doggie Brazilian. You can see the difference in these two pictures. Though I love her with a longer 'do' this shorter cut and clean shaving tummy is going to be very helpful in keeping her clean during whelping and puppy care. It's a messy business!

I will update after our vet appointments tomorrow and will hopefully have the x-ray to share. 

Paws crossed!!


January 28th, 2023 - Well we now know why Maggie's belly is so HUGE. Though the ultrasound in December showed 7 - 8 pups the x-ray yesterday shows 11 +. Yes, you read that right!  I was shocked to say the least. Below is her x-ray with the puppies marked.

This certainly changes some things as to what we must plan for this coming week and over the next 8 -10 weeks. But that is the value in getting an x-ray at this stage because it lets you know what to expect so that you are prepared...mentally, supply and help wise as well as a vet on emergency standby if needed.  Since Maggie has had litters before and problem free whelping's the vet is expecting everything to go as normal. Paws crossed!!


February 3rd, 2023 - We have puppies! Maggie gave birth to 11 sweet pups yesterday. We have  6 little girls and 5 little boys. There are 4 black girls, 1 black boy, 4 merle boys and 2 merle girls. Unfortunately there was a 12th pup that was still born. We were kind of expecting that due to what the x-ray was showing. Everyone is doing fine. Maggie is pretty exhausted but has been getting some good sleep. Have to say Bill and I are pretty tired too. It was a long 24 hours!! 

MAGGIE AND  PUPS FEB 2 2023 2.jpg

February 4th, 2023 - Everyone is doing great! Maggie has taken a bit of time away from the pups to hang out in the yard with Ozzie and Katie. Maggie doesn't stay away long though. Here is a pic of the pups today along with their latest weight chart. Everyone is gaining as they should. You want to shoot for 5-10% of weight gain a day and everyone passed the 10% mark. I definitely have a couple of little porkers!

puppies day feb 4th_edited.jpg

February 5th, 2023 - Just a lot of eating and sleeping on this lazy Sunday. As you can see in the one video we have a little acrobat!

sunday feb 5th_edited.jpg

Febuary 7th, 2023 - Below is yesterday's weight chart for the pups. We weigh them every day the first week to be sure everyone is gaining as they should. The goal is for them to each gain 5 - 10 % in weight each day. We want them to double their birthweight between 7 and 10 days. So far everyone is meeting their goals. A few 'chubsters' are definitely over achieving!

PUPPY WEIGHTS 2 6 2023.jpg

Maggie Litter Three

January 30th, 2021 - Maggie came into heat mid month and was bred on January 28th. We go back in 4 weeks for her ultrasound to verify pregnancy.

March 1st, 2021 - Maggie had her ultrasound today and the vet sees seven pups.  Of course there is no gurantee at this point. It's a plus/minus kinda thing. Her due date is March 28th +/- a day or two. 


March 20th, 2021 - Maggie is doing great but I think as any expectant Mom is at this stage she's about had it.  Time to get on with the birthin' part. Her bellie is huge and you can see the pups moving around.  There is a party goin' on in there!! One week to go.  She goes for x-rays on Monday so maybe we will get a better count on how many pups to expect.

March 23rd, 2021 - Maggie had her vet visit yesterday to get an xray to get a fetal count.  Looks like we have seven confirmed. 

Maggie Hansen.jpg

March 26th, 2021 - The wait continues... just two days to go. Maggie is enjoying this beautiful sunny day as she relaxes before her work begins. She is becoming increasingly needy as her time approaches. So far the only 'nesting' activity has occurred in my bed as that is where she usually sleeps.  It is time to redirect her to the whelping box!


Look at that belly!  It gets bigger every day! Her milk is already in. She is sporting her 'doggie brazilian' which helps us keep things nice and clean throughout whelping and for the weeks to follow. We're excited and I think Mags is ready to get this show going!!


March 29th, 2021 - We have babies!  Maggie starting delivering about 6:10PM yesterday and was finished by 9:40PM. She is a pro and did a great  job!  

We ended up with 8 babies...we were expecting 7 but got a bonus pup!  She has 4 merle and four black. Five girls and three boys.

Everyone is nursing well. Maggie is recovering and so are we! It was a long night.

I'll post weights in the next day or two.  Maggie was not excited about me taking pups away from her to weigh so I followed her lead. She's looking a bit tired in her pic below. She worked hard.


March 31st, 2021 - These little nuggets are growing like weeds. Below you can see my weight chart. Two of the little merle girls were very tiny when they were born. I have made it my mission to be sure they get their turn at the milk bar. When Maggie leaves and then returns to the box I let them have about 5 minutes latched on before I let the rest of the crew in. I do this all day and all night. Some of the bigger ones will nudge the little ones off.  I am very happy with how much they have all gained. We are right on track. Everyone is big enough to wear their colored collars now so it will be easier to keep track.  And...those are ounces folks. Green boy is just barely over a pound. We've got some chunksters!! Maggie is holding true to form in having plenty of milk to go around.


April 7th, 2021 - It's been busy! The pups are thriving and everyone is gaining as they should. Maggie is spending a bit more time away from the whelping box and has her pups on a good feeding schedule. Their eyes should be opening by the weekend. Thursday we have our first vet visit.

weight chart april 7.jpg

My apologies for the pictures. They just would not sit and stay!

April 11th, 2021 - Good Sunday morning!  Can't believe these little nuggest are 15 days old already. They had their first vet visit on Thursday and everyone checked out just fine. They go back in two weeks for their first worming.  Bill and I are doing losts of loving and snuggling with them, well as much as Maggie will allow. She is still very protective so we have to sneak that in when she is outside doing her thing.

Maggie continues to be a very attentive Mom.  She has her nursing schedule at about every 2 1/2 to 3 hours now.  They are VERY enthusiastic during nursing!! Maggie is eating about 4 pounds of food a day to keep up with her milk production. 

This week I split the whelping box in half meaning blanketing in half and potty pads in the other half. Believe it or not...time to begin potty training.  It is amazing that these litte tikes will go on the potty pad and then get back on the blanket. Well, not everyone all the time yet but this is the beginning. 

I have also introduced a water bowl. It is the kind you would use as a travel water bowl.  I use this for Ozzie and Maggie in the car. It is safe so no one can drown. Though they will not be ready to start solid foods until next week this introduces the idea of lapping.

A reminder if you are reading this that you pick of a pup will depend upon your position on my list. You can find out more about that HERE.


April 17th, 2021 - I can't believe these little nuggets are three weeks old already. It has been a busy week. Everyon'e eyes are open and they are really starting to interact with us humans as well as their siblings. There are some beginnings of barks and growls. They are being pretty good about peeing on the potty pads...certainly not all the time but heck...their just three weeks old. They got nails trimmed twice this week. Since they are pretty enthusiastic while nursing I have to keep this up every two to three days so Maggie's tummy is not scratched.

Maggie is nursing every 3 to 3 1/2 hours now. (That means I'm getting more sleep in between at night! ) They are pretty aggressive eaters and no doubt once teeth start popping in Maggie will be less enthusiastic about feeding time. I am looking at about week 4 to 4 1/2 weeks to start weaning. I'll listen to Maggie and the pups to see when everyone is ready. Some breeders start weaning at this point but to me since Maggie is still nursing and being attentive there is no reason to interfere. And solid food means poop clean up and for now Maggie is handling that part for me. :)

Below is this weeks weight chart. I've got some chubsters!!

I am posting pictures pretty regularly to Facebook.


April 27th, 2021 - WEEK FOUR ALREADY!!  It's been busy in puppy world. They are really playing with eachother now...lot's of wrestling and dog noises. Teeth are in on some and halfway on others. 

Monday we had a visit to the vet and their first worming. Everyone is doing great and gaining. This weeks weight chart will be below.

Enjoy the vid!!


May 3rd, 2021 - WOW...week 5 already. We have had a busy week. Last Thrusday I started with puppy mash and everyone took to it.  Over the next week I will be weaning them off of Momma. It takes a little time for everyone to realize that puppy mash is going to be 'it' in the food department. They are also getting the idea of drinking water. I have a few I need to work with a little bit before they will totally understand this new food/water thing. 

Everyday now, twice a day, we take them into the livingroom for a romp. Everything is made puppy safe.  They really enjoy it and after about 20 minutes start to tire out. Once back in their pen they pass out for a couple of hours. It is so much fun watching them run and play.

Yesterday was their first day outside. They really loved it. And wouldn't you know that digging is so natural that I had two diggers first day out. Today is rainy, unfortunately, so we are sticckign to inside play. Looking forward to getting them outside everyday possible this coming week.

Puppy pick weekend is coming up this next weekend. I'll be in touch to schedule appointments.

tan boy
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teal girl
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purple girl
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pink girl
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green boy
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aqua girl
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orange boy
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black girl
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First time ever outside and what do they do? DIG!! 

May 12th, 2021 - My apologies for not  posting something sooner but I have been VERY BUSY with these pups!!  At 6 weeks of age comes the very time consuming part. They are in constant motion!! My day starts before 6am (which is not my normal day for sure) and it's pups all day until bed time. They poop alot, they pee alot, they eat alot and they need to run, run, run!! I let them run in the kitchen and bathroom during chow time. I mop floors a half dozen plus times a day. I have a nice outside area set up... one covered for rainy days and then one beyond that that lets them romp in the grass and dig, dig, dig. What little diggers they are. The are having a ball!!


Today I gave them 8 beef marrow bones so everyone had one and they are in heaven. Their little teeth are wanting to chew on everything so this was a great way to make it postive and nourishing. If you are getting one of these pups you need to have some of these bones on hand. You can find them in the meat section and often the frozen meat section of your grocery store. Or your local butcher will have them. I freeze mine and pull out bones when needed. I don't defrost them. It extends the amusement time!  I do this for Ozzie and Maggie all the time. It is always good to have bones on hand. With Oz and Mags I always had bones when they were  pups and had the minimal amount of 'chewing on the wrong thing'. So stock up!! And FYI...cooked bones are bad for dogs. They can splinter and cause problems in their intestines and potentially a hefty vet bill!!


Saturday and Sunday we had our first pick visits and four pups found their forever homes. Green boy, tan boy, purple girl and orange boy have all been taken. On Tuesday aqua girl was chosen. I have two more potential pending applications. I need to review those and see if they are going to work for these pups.  Pink girl needs a lively family. She is my party girl!!  The other two little merle girls are more laid back but spunky. They would do best in a more subdued environment. 

I am really happy with the famlies that will be getting these pups. It is very personal to is not about making money. I love every one of them and want them to have loving homes. For the remaining pups I am going to be very selective. My littlest girl that I nutured from her tiny 6.7 pounces is one of them and she isn't going to just anybody! 

Our Ozzie and Maggie are the sweetest most trusting dogs. They love people and children. They are gentle. They have never known anything but love and kindness from Bill and I. They have never been hit or recieved that kind of treatment. Now, they will hear a strong NO but they get it and that is important that they do.  This is how we have raised them and they are great dogs!!   These sweet pups have been loved on as soon as Mags would let us touch them. They are cuddled and kissed and talked to many times every day. They too are going to look at humans as love. That is what they are going to expect from humans...that they will love them and be gentle and kind. And those are the kind of homes I am looking for. I don't want homes where they will be stuck in a crate all day. I want them to have homes where they are part of their familys lives.

So with that...I think it's time to feed the pups!! I will try to do better at posting more often.


May 13th, 2021 - Today I added a page to my website about Puppy Food and Poop! I know you won't want to miss that!! Please check it out HERE.

All pups in this litter will go home with a 10lb bag of the PawTree food I am feeding them now. I recommend that you get Gastro Pro Plus and the Wild Salmon Oil to add to their kibble. Pups will be eating dry kibble by the time they go home. We're still on slightly softened kibble this week. Sometimes at first they are a bit out of sorts in their new home and may not want to eat. They need to eat!! You may want to soften the kibble with some warm water until it is a bit soft feeling on the outside but harder on the inside. Be sure to read my Feeding Your Pup page for the coupon code on your first order.

Pups will also go home with the new 24" crate I am crate training them in complete with crate pad and snuggly little bed that they love. 

May 16th, 2021 - Less than a week and the first pups go off to their forever homes. In the meantime they are outside as much as they can be and are having a blast. The digging....well everyone is getting a bath before they leave here. They're just being dogs!! Maggie is enjoying being outside and playing with the pups but she also lays down the law when need be. (See vid)

The pups went to the vet on May14th. Everyone is doing great. They had another worming, their first distemper shot and they got microchipped. One more week of growing and care from Maggie and me and they will be ready to go. I am keeping back the littlest ones for an extra week just to be sure they get some individual attention and no competition with food. They just need to be a little's a personal maternal thing for me. Otherwise their weight is just's me.

Some of the pups are eating regular dry kibble but a few seem to like it very slightly moistened. Everyone has their own pace. We are doing good with immediately running outside to potty when they wake up and I let them out of their pen. I am sure the neighbors think some kind of nut lives next door the number of times I say 'go pee pee'. But their starting to get the hang of it.

I have been so busy with these active pups I never got around to weighing them week 6. I do have week 7 weights and they are posted below. Everyone is gaining as they should be.


Dig! Dig! Dig! They are having the best time under that rock!

Maggie laid down the law with her fighting pups!

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