Puppy Application

Please read the information on this page first and then email me for pricing. Thank you! 


I do not sell any of my pups with breeding rights. I am accepting applications for Maggie's litter that was born on March 28th. You will not be put on the waiting list until I have received a completed application. After review of your application if I feel you are a good fit for one of my puppies I will invoice you for the non-refundable deposit of $500.00.   I reserve the right to reject any application at any time during the process if I determine the applicant is not a good fit for my puppies and will return the deposit if that happens.


Every family selected and submitting an application and paying the fee will be added to waitlist in order of the fee being received. When a litter is born and reaches one week old I will work my way down the waitlist notifying each family and asking if they want to select from that litter or pass and remain on the master waitlist. This way no one looses their spot by passing and eliminates the need to be on multiple litter waitlists hoping you get a puppy. I do not take gender preferences as Mother Nature dictates this and there is no way to know how many will be in each litter ahead of time. So when the litter is born you can decide if you want to pick from those available pups or pass until the next litter. If you decide to select a pup from that litter I will give you a time and date to meet the pups. There are no visits to see pups prior to the pick date. I post lots of pictures and videos on this website as well as the facebook page to allow you to see the pups as they grow. If for some reason you do not like the pups available when it’s your turn to select, you can go back on the master waitlist and wait for a future litter. If you do select a pup, you will sign the contract and pay the remaining balance the day the pup is selected. I only guarantee prices for one year from the time the application is signed. If you are offered a spot on a litter and decide to pass and remain on waitlist for longer than 12 months you will be subject to the current price at time of selection. 

How Does the Application Master Waitlist and Litter List Process Work?

​Example: Let's use Lisbon, Sammie, and Ozzie as examples.
Lisbon submits an application and pays the deposit and is listed 1st on the Application Waitlist. Sammie and Ozzie follow.
3. Ozzie

A litter is born and at one week old I email Lisbon and ask if they want to select from that litter. They say yes. So they get moved from the Master List to the Litter List. I email Sammie next. They decide to pass. I email Ozzie and they decide to select a pup. So now the Master Waitlist looks like this:
1. Sammie
The Litter List looks like this:
1. Breeders pick
2. Lisbon
3. Ozzie
But on selection day Ozzie decides because there are no pups available that match their criteria they now want to pass. So their name returns to the Master List under .
2. Ozzie
3. any deposits that came in after Ozzie's deposit.

Our Master Waitlist always goes in order of application and payment received date. However our Litter List does not. If you would pass at one week old but then decide before select day that you do in fact want to select a pup, your name would be entered into the next available spot on the Litter List not by your application date. So it's important if you want a pup and want to be higher on the 'pick list', that you say yes when notified at one week old. 

Lisbon passes. Sammie wants to select and so does Ozzie. At 4 weeks old Lisbon changes mind and really does want to select a pup, and there are openings in that litter.
1. Breeders pick
2. Sammie
3. Ozzie
​4. Lisbon
If for some reason there are no spots available when Lisbon changes their mind, they must stay on the master waitlist and cannot select a pup.

**Please note that regardless of your position on either reservation list, I reserve the right to not place any puppy in any home if it is our opinion or judgement that a particular puppy is not suitable for that home. I believe there are times that some puppies are not a good fit for some families.

Additionally if information comes to light to change my opinion that a home is suitable for a puppy at that point prior to family taking possession of puppy, I reserve the right to refuse sale to that family and will refund any fees paid, less tangible expenses (If any are incurred).

Payment must be made in full at time of selection and signing contract. Usually this is between 6 and 7 weeks old. Puppies can go home starting at 8 weeks old. I give a window to allow everyone some flexibility when picking up. Any puppy not picked up by 10 weeks will incur a training fee per week of $150. This allows us to devote the necessary time to train and socialize that puppy plus additional shots and supplies needed.

To begin the adoption process for a puppy from South Mountain Goldendoodles please fill out, sign, and return the puppy application form. It is a Google Doc so I will be automatically notified when you application is completed.  Upon review ,if your application is accepted, I will send you a deposit/reservation fee contract and deposit receipt. Once I receive the signed document along with a $500.00 deposit your name will be placed on my reservation pick list. Names are placed on the list as deposits are received. The deposit will be applied towards the total purchase price. This deposit is non-refundable for any reason other than the event that a puppy cannot be provided to you. The balance will be paid by the time the puppy is 6 weeks old.

Please let me know if you have any questions. kristielhansen@gmail.com

- Please keep in mind the more flexible you are with color, coat and size the more likely you are going to find a suitable puppy.
- The more specific you are with aesthetic requirements, the longer it may take to match you to a puppy.
- Breeding is a complex endeavor, our first priorities will always be health and temperament, not color or other aesthetics.
- We are not the breeder for you if you want to order a "Customized" puppy that is within a very strict criteria.
- If you want a specific coat type, color and gender, we are not the right breeder for you. We specifically accept applications from families that want a well-bred and well-raised puppy.
- That said, of course we will do everything we can to match you to a puppy that is visually appealing. However we can not guarantee availability of superficial traits like coat type or markings.

Before submitting the application have you reviewed my website? Researched the breed? Talked to your spouse and other family members? We only breed mini’s in the 20-40lb range unless specified like micro mini’s or mediums. We breed mostly f1b’s and multigens. Because we are a small breeder we only accept a limited number of applications each year. I’m happy to answer any questions you have, but you will find most information is on my website or blog.