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Puppy Application

I am accepting applications for Maggie's litter which is due on February 2nd, 2023. Her pups will be either merle or black. The black pups may 'silver' as they get older, ususally starting around age two. They become a very handsome dark charcoal gray. The black markings on the merle pups will more than likely also 'silver' to a similar gray color. If you look at Maggies pictures you can she how she has changed since a pup.

I do not sell any of my pups with breeding rights.


I do not ship pups. If your application is approved, I will notify you by email and will send you a deposit contract and invoice.  The deposit is $500.00 and is non refundable. Pups are $2,800.00 regardless of sex or color.

Every family selected and paying the depoit fee will be added to the selection list in the order of the fee being received.  You will be given a selection appointment based on your position on the list. At 6-7 weeks old I will schedule a time and date with you to select your pup.  Once pups are 6 weeks old their eyes and ears are functioning well and they are steadier on their feet and more interactive. This is a much better time to get aquainted with the pups and make your selection.


There are no visits to see the pups prior to selection day. I post lots of pictures and videos on this website as well as the facebook page to allow you to see the pups as they grow. If for some reason you do not like the pups available when it’s your turn to select, you can be put on a waitlist for a future litter. If you do select a pup, you will sign the contract and pay the remaining balance the day the pup is selected.

Puppies ususally can go home starting at 8 weeks old. Sometimes I may feel a particular puppy needs a little more time here or with Mom and so may delay pickup until 9 or 10 weeks. I will give a window to allow everyone some flexibility when picking up. Any puppy not picked up by 10 weeks (unless I have determined the pup should stay longer) will incur a training and care fee of $150 per week. This allows me to devote the necessary time to train and socialize that puppy plus additional shots and supplies needed.


**Please note that regardless of your position on the selection or wait list, I reserve the right to not place any puppy in any home if it is my opinion or judgement that a particular puppy is not suitable for that home. I believe there are times that some puppies are not a good fit for some families.

Additionally if information comes to light to change my opinion that a home is suitable for a puppy at that point prior to family taking possession of puppy, I reserve the right to refuse sale to that family and will refund any fees paid, less tangible expenses (If any are incurred).


I only guarantee prices for one year from the time the application is signed. If you are offered a spot on a litter and decide to pass and remain on the waitlist for longer than 12 months you will be subject to the current price at time of selection. 

Please let me know if you have any questions.

- Please keep in mind the more flexible you are with color, coat and size the more likely you are going to find a suitable puppy.
- The more specific you are with aesthetic requirements, the longer it may take to match you to a puppy.
- Breeding is a complex endeavor, our first priorities will always be health and temperament, not color or other aesthetics.
- We are not the breeder for you if you want to order a "Customized" puppy that is within a very strict criteria.
- If you want a specific coat type, color and gender, we are not the right breeder for you. We specifically accept applications from families that want a well-bred and well-raised puppy.
- That said, of course we will do everything we can to match you to a puppy that is visually appealing. However we can not guarantee availability of superficial traits like coat type or markings.

Before submitting the application have you reviewed this website? Researched the breed? Talked to your spouse and other family members?
We only breed mini’s in the 20-40lb range. We breed mostly f1b’s and multigens.
Because we are a small breeder we only accept a limited number of applications each year. We usually breed one, and occassionally two, litters a year.
Our focus is on quality attention to each pup, not quantity of litters.
We love our dogs and we love each one of these pups and that is how we treat them.
I’m happy to answer any questions you have
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