We are a boutique home-based, responsible and ethical breeder of multi-generational mini Goldendoodles. All of our dogs and pups live with us in our house and are cared for with much love and attention. Our Momma gives birth in our home with us by her side to give emotional support and to step in and help if needed. 


7/18/22 - Unfortunately Maggie's June breeding was not successful. We are disappointed for sure. We will give it another try on her next heat which should occur in January 2023.


We will breed Maggie for her final litter when she comes into heat sometime in January 2023. Please email me if you would like to be on a list to be notified about that litter. I will notify you once a  breeding has occurred and then again when a pregnancy is confirmed. A confirmation on pregnancy would probably be sometime in February. This will give you time to decide if now is a good time for you to bring a new pup into your life and if you would want to proceed with an application for this litter. I will start taking applications once the pups are born and I know what I have as to number, sex and colors. If your application is approved, I will notify you by email and will send you a deposit contract and invoice. You will be put on the 'pick list' in the order that I receive your deposits. First come, first pick and so on. Please email me with any questions.

Katie will begin her health testing shortly and if all goes well she will be bred for the first time late 2023/early 2024. 

Between now and then you can always stop by our store, van Gilder Pottery, and meet Maggie and our other doodles, Ozzie and future Momma, Katie. We are open on weekends from 12-5. See address below.  I know they would be thrilled to see you! 


South Mountain Goldendoodles

20834 Townsend Road

Rohrersville, MD 21779

Kris Hansen and Bill van Gilder

Please email me with questions.

Thank you!